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Apps for Graffiti Art from Highground™

We've released a number of our own apps for various platforms over the years. Here you'll find a full list of all our apps & links to purchase or download them for free. This page also includes our a running list of all of the great Open Source apps that we include with our collections.

Graffiti Fonts Collections in the App Store

We've made all of our collections available in the Mac App Store for Apple desktop computers. All of the same content from each collection is packaged in in these simple preview & installation apps & sold at the same price.

Graffwriter App Icon

GraffWriter™ for IOS

Our classic web app is now available for IOS. This native app for Apple devices is far, far more powerful than the original web app ever was. GraffWriter for IOS provides access to virtually all of our Graffiti Fonts® type families as well as our collections of cityscapes, paint objects, clip-art, stock images, photo cut-outs & more. We have a full site dedicated to this app.

GraffWriter website:

VectorGraff App Icon

VectorGraff™ Cross-Platform App

VectorGraff is a tiny but powerfull vector drawing, drafting & layout application. This cross-platform app is written entirely in JAVA to work on any Mac, Windows or linux computer. We've packed quite a bit of power into the approximately 1.5 mb footprint of this app. Work with fonts, shapes, solid & gradient swatches, opacity, bezier path drawing tools & numerous other features in this fun app, custom built for Highground way back in 2004.

VectorGraff website: | Direct Download:

Top Open Source Applications

The following list of leading open source software applications consists of our favorite apps from each of the major categories of graphic design, web design, 3D Modeling, Font Authoring, Audio Production & more. There is a huge multitude of open source apps out there but these projects stand above the crowd as advanced, reliable, well supported & long-lived & generally effective applications across the spectrum of multi-media production. This list of applications details the full array of open source software included for free with hardcopies of all of our Graffiti Fonts® collections. With each listing on this page you'll find a link to the official app web site where you can download the most current version for your system or the raw source code direct from the developer community.


GIMP - Bitmap Graphics Editor

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful, bitmap graphics editor & design application. This app can open & edit all of the common image formats such as .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .png, & many others including editable Photoshop (.psd) files.

GIMP website:

Inkscape Logo

Inkscape - Vector Graphics Editor

Inkscape is the leading, open source vector graphics editor. It utilizes the cross-platform SVG file format as it's native format. Inkscape features powerful drawing tools presented through a simple interface that's easy to learn.

Inkscape Website:

Blender Logo

Blender - 3D Modeling Aplpication

Blender is a full-featured 3D modeling application comperable to commercial applications like 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D etc. The interface is broadly similar to those apps & Blender can export/import cross-platform formats compatible with other leading 3D apps.

Blender Website:

FontForge Logo

FontForge - Font Authoring Application

FontForge is the original & most powerful, open source font editor. This app can be used to edit fonts in nearly any format or to create new, digital typefaces from scratch. It's not necessarily the easiest open source font editor to use however it may be the most important one to have in your arsenal.

FontForge Website:

OpenOffice Logo

OpenOffice - Desktop Publishing Suite

Open Office is the open source equivalent to Microsoft Office. The suite includes several apps: a word processor, a spreadsheet app, a drawing app & a presentation app, a database app & a formula app..

OpenOffice Website:

Audacity Logo

Audacity - Multi-Track Audio Recording & Editing.

Audacity is a full-featured, muti-track audio & recording, editing & production application. This app is great for making music, editing sound for video or games or recording & editing voice projects. Audacity supports multiple plug-in formats including VST & can import/export many formats including: wav, aiff, mp3, mp4 & more.

Audacity Website: