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Highground Industries 1138 Park Glen Ct. Milpitas CA 95035

The Graffiti Fonts® Type Foundry is brought to you by Highground Industries™ LLC - DUNS # 032726797. The Graffiti Fonts®, Full Time Artists®, Raseone® & Graffwriter™ brands are registered trademarks & property of Highground Industries™.

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Support Requests

Please contact us us with any questions regarding installation or use of any of our typefaces, apps or other resources. For information on OpenType features, layered type systems or other specific functionality please be sure to tell what apps & operating system you're using.

Licensing Information

This site offers standard commercial licensing (sales) & standard free licensing (free downloads). Our licenses are very similar to most other font foundries. Please feel free to send in any specific questions you have about the terms of either license. If you describe how you want to use the font software we're happy to help clarify.

Licensing Options

For multi-seat, corporate licensing, educational or non-profit licensing please contact us to make arrangements & to receive properly discounted pricing. Broadcast, TV & film use as well as very high-volume, webfont & application embedding may require custom releases only available via direct contact. If you have any questions about licensing terms please contact us any time.

Custom Typeface Development

The Graffiti Fonts® foundry can design custom typefaces & full font families for your brand or company. Please contact us for information on custom development if you require full ownership of fonts that are not bound or limited by any licensing terms or if you simply need a custom typeface to suit your design needs.


let us know what you think of our work. Make any suggestions or ask any questions you like. We paticipate in research projects, educational projects, open source dev, dissertations, interviews & even collaborative projects as often as possible.

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We use PayPal as our primary payment processor. This means every purchase is secured & covered by PayPal policies on security, privacy & returns etc.. Your private payment info such as credit card numbers never touches our server. If you would like to arrange a different payment method such as a money order please contact us to let us know your order is in the mail.