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Returns, Refunds and Repairs

If you are having trouble installing or using any of our typefaces or other digital assets we are more than happy to help resolve the problem. Please contact support any time for technical assistance.

Refunds for software products or digital items can only be offered if the sofware product or digital item is found to be defective or incompatible with your system. We reserve the right to make reasonable attempts to repair or replace the item before a refund is considered.

All Graffiti Fonts® typefaces are provided on OpenType (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) formats. Both formats are fully compatible with all Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android systems.

Updates and Upgrades

If you have purchased a license for any of our individual typefaces or other digital goods you are entitled to future updates for those items upon request. Some upgrades and expansions of products may not be included in this entitlement.

If you have purchased a license to any of our full collections you are entitled to updates for all items included in the version that you purchased.

If you have purchased any of our full collections and would like to upgrade to a higher version you will find discounted upgrade pricing on the purchase page.