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Graffiti Font Collections

The Original Graffiti Fonts® Collection

Our collections are the largest & most comprehensive sets of authentic graffiti style typefaces ever assembled. With contributions from real graffiti writers & type developers around the world, these collections are available in both hard-copy & digital download formats. Our fist collection of Graffiti style fonts debuted in 2002. We released 4 editions, each much larger & more sophisticated than the last. All four editions are updated regularly to include the latest version of every font. These collections also include tons of extras like vector illustrations, stock images, photo cut-outs, clip-art & powerful open source software applications. All Graffiti Fonts® fonts & other assetts are compatible with any Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

Graffiti Fonts® 4.3 Collection

The newly updated Graffiti Fonts 4 collection is over 700 exclusive, royalty free fonts, vector illustrations, images, templates & more for any Mac, PC, or Linux computer including 100 Graffiti Font families, over 50 new families as well as upgraded versions of all of the fonts from our previous 3 collections. First released in 2009 as a separate, stand-alone collection, the new 4.3 edition has now been combined with the content of the original 3 collections & reduced in price by $100, reduced greatly in file size & made available for digital download. This new version provides much better value for the price.

What's Included

  • 100 Exclusive, advanced Graffiti Font families.
  • 100 Detailed & scaleable renderings made from real paint & ink.
  • 100 Detailed, scaleable & accurate cityscapes from around the globe.
  • 100 Urban & street themed, high resolution photographic cut-outs.
  • 100 Street themed scaleable vector illustrations in full color.
  • 100 High resolution Stock Images, walls, backgrounds, scenes & more.
  • 100 High-res bitmap textures & overlays from subtle to intense.
  • 25 Pro Quality Design Templates for Common Layouts.
  • 6 Powerful Design Apps included free. (DVDROM version only)

Graffiti Fonts® 3.3 Collection

Over 50 Graffiti Fonts in all including 30+ exclusive fonts only available from the Graffiti Fonts® type foundry. First released in 2005, the newly upgraded GF3 collection provides commercial license to all of these rare, modern & realistic graff style typefaces in Opentype & TrueType formats for maximun capabilities & compatibility on any system.

What's Included

  • 35 Advanced Graffiti Font Families (over 50 fonts in all)
  • Over 120 stock images & photos: images
  • 25 High-Res, Monochrome, Bitmap Textures:Great for adding realistic detail to any design
  • 5 advanced design applications:VectorGraff, Inkscape, GIMP, OpenOffice, Blender
  • 26 page printed instruction book:Color installation guide, user manual, & Font samples

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Graffiti Fonts® 2.4 Collection

First released in 2004 & updated regularly the Graffiti Fonts® 2.4.1 collection is available now featuring 31 fonts in all with 11 new exclusive graffiti fonts. The fonts, vectors & images included in this collection are compatible with Apple®, Windows® & even linux systems.Edition 2.4.1 also includes open source graphic design apps so anyone can use the fonts to create advanced artwork with no additional software.

  • 31 Graffiti style typefaces in OpenType & TrueType formats
  • 25 High resolution texture images
  • 25 Vector design templates for print objects
  • 5 Advanced, OpenSource design applications

Graffiti Fonts® 1.8 Collection

The original Graffiti Fonts® collection was first released in 2001. The new GF 1.8.1 includes all three of the original Highground Graffiti Fonts (RaseOne Original, HumanRase, & New Digital) as well as a collection of free graffiti fonts representing nearly every graffiti style font in existence at the time of the initial release. Also included is the Opcion Font Viewer, a simle JAVA based font viewer that runs on any OS & allows you to preview any fonts on your machine.

  • 22 Graffiti style typefaces in OpenType & TrueType formats
  • 25 High resolution texture images
  • 25 Vector design templates for print objects
  • 5 Advanced, OpenSource design applicatons