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Graffiti Fonts® 3.4

Available Now in Digital Download & Hard-Copy Formats.

The updated GF3 features all the latest versions of every font family as well as upgrades to the included template & stock image collections. We've also just added a selection of 25 bitmap texture images.

33 Graffiti Font Families

Included with GF 3.3

GF3 is 33 advanced, graffiti style font families including wildstyles, tags & handstyles, blocks, brush styles, throwies & more. First released in 2005, we've updated every font in the set to the latest version. Gf3 was the state of the art & the largest collection of graffiti fonts ever assembled when it first debuted. With everything from our first 2 sets & more GF3 includes the first wildstyle typefaces & the first layered graffiti type familes ever released.

GF3 Graffiti Fonts

125 Stock Images

Included Free with GF3.3 ($29.99 value)

GF3 features a set of 125 high-resolution stock images for use as backgrounds, textures, fills or any other element. These JPG photos & scans were essmbled specifically for this collection to provide ready-made, bitmap detail & color to compliment the fonts. The original 3.0 was the first of our collections to include images, vectors, apps, templates & other extras. We've now also added collections of such assets to GF1 & GF2.

GF3 Stock Images

Graffiti Subway Train Kit

Included Free with GF3.3 ($14.99 value)

GF3 contains our rendition of the classic New York subway car Illustration that graffiti artists have used for decades. In 2004 we created this rougher, hand-inked version that stylisticallly matches hand-drawn artwork & the largely hand-drawn fonts in our collection. This simple set includes a line-art & a full color version in a variety of formats for easy use in nearly any design application.

GF3 Graffiti Subway

25 Texture Images

Included Free With GF3

We've added a set of useful texture images to all 4 versions of the Graffiti Fonts&tade;collection. These high-resolution images can add detail & to your designs. Our texture set helps make amazing overlay styles for bitmap graphics, background images, fill textures or any other element you can dream up.

Monochrome Textures

Print Templates

Included Free With GF3

Our template collection consists of accurate % easy to use vector templates for a variety of modern & retro print items in a scaleable, cross-platform SVG format. We've included templates for a number of media formats like CDs & DVDs, Audio Cassettes, VHS, Floppy Disks, as well as non-media items like t-shirts, skateboards, puzzles & more.

Design Templates

Open Source Apps

Included Free With GF3

The CDROM version of GF3 includes a full array of powerful open source applications. The digital download contains a guide to download and install the latest versions for your machine. The current array includes 8 software applications and suites: GIMP, Inkscape, Open Office, Blender, VectorGraff, FontForge, Opcion and Audacity to ensure that even novice users can get the most out of our collections without any expensive commercial software or subscriptions.

Open Source Apps

Graffiti Fonts 3 for Mac

Graffiti Fonts® 3 is also available in the Mac App Store.

This collection & all of our collections can also be downloaded in the Apple AppStore for Mac desktop & laptop computers. We've designed these simple preview & instalation applications to allow Mac users an organized & compact way to store the whole collection but install only the portions you need at any time.

Mac App Store