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ManyStyles™ - Generative Graffiti Font

Unique Generative Version # 0091

No two "copies" of this font are alike. The four images shown below demostrate the one-of-a-kind alphabets generated for ManyStyles™ version #0091. These four images as well as an instructional guide & license file are also included with the .otf (Opentype) font when you purchase.

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ManyStyles™ ver. #0091

Cover Image

ManyStyles™ ver. #0091

Unique Glyph Set

ManyStyles™ ver. #0091

Cover Image

ManyStyles™ ver. #0091

Standard Glyph Set

About this version

ManyStyles™ 0091

Version 0091 is part of our first, limited, public release of 100 unique versions of the ManyStyles™ generative graffiti font. Every "copy" features unique, generative uppercase and lowercase alphabets and over 50 matching accented characters. Each copy also includes hundreds of standard characters including seven alphabets, numbers, punctuation, symbols & more.

No special software or plug-ins are required to use this standard OpenType (.otf) font. It can be installed & used on any Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android machine and will work in any app that utilizes fonts. The various OpenType features in this font such as: Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Swashes and Ligatures will work automatically or can be turned on/off depending on the settings in your apps. Most every modern graphic design, word processing, desktop publishing or video editing application supports OpenType features.

Traditonal Graffiti for the Modern Age

This page shows one unique version of the ManyStyles™ Graffiti Font but virtually infinite unique versions can be created. We'll be releasing limited runs of new versions over time. Once a version is sold, it will never be offered again. To see the full array of currently available versions visit . Each version of ManyStyles™ is licensed under the standard Graffiti Fonts® EULA .

If you're interested in custom versions, bulk licensing, or including this font in an app or game please contact us.