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HardWay Font
fonts included: 4 | Author: RaseOne FTA
HardWay Title Image
Updated: 05/22/2012 | Price: $ 29.99
HardWay Graffiti Alphabet

HardWay Graffiti Font Family

Hardway comes with 4 unique styles. Each style contains 2 unique alphabets and varying numbers of alternate letters as well as a full compliment of numbers, flourishes, symbols etc.. This family was created by applying classic calligraphic technique to modern graffiti letterforms. Each style varies in complexity. The "caps" style for example features large, dramatic flourishes on the left side and includes a total of 125 characters. The regular style includes 98 characters, "flat" has 84 characters & "basic" has 61 characters.

HardWay is copyright © 2007 Matthew (Raseone) Napolitano. All rights reserved.