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Strokes Font
fonts included: 4 | Author: RaseOne FTA
Strokes Title Image
Updated: 02/06/2021 | Price: $ 79.99
Strokes Graffiti Alphabet

Strokes Graffiti Font Family

The Strokes Family includes 4 very, very, very highly detailed styles. This family of fonts was built to emulate fast strokes with a wide paint brush or chisel-tip marker & to retain a realistic look even at very large sizes with a minimal amount of paths compared to many fonts with this level of detail. The Strokes family is an all-caps font in a simple graffiti-inspired style. The main style "Strokes" features heavy spatter on the capitals and is optimized for the fastest performance. The "Strokes Wide" style features a higher level of detail and sharpness. The "Strokes Rough" style emulates a dry brush look and the "Strokes Sharp" style features tapered strokes that terminate in sharp streaks. Each of the four styles includes about 250 glyphs including basic multilingual support, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

Strokes is copyright © 2014 Matthew (Raseone) Napolitano. All rights reserved.

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