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Burner Font
fonts included: 5 | Author: RaseOne FTA
Burner Title Image
Updated: 05/06/2019 | Price: $ 99.99
Burner Graffiti Alphabet

Burner Graffiti Font Family

The Burner font family is a layered type system of 155 wildstyle graffiti letters, numbers, symbols & flourishes in each of 5 styles. Glyphs from the fill, outline, fade & detail styles layer & combine in endless combinations to create complex burners that are consistent & legible. Each style contains 3 full alphabets plus initial (beginning) and terminal (ending) glyphs & tons of other embellishments for creating authentic, wildstyle, graffiti pieces with an aggressive & modern look. For even faster access to this family's layering features, the newly developed "Burner Color" style makes use of the new, full-color, vector font capabilities of OpenType & combines all 4 styles layered into a single, color typeface that can be used as-is or broken apart & recolored however you see fit. The Burner graffiti font family was first developed in 2007. It was first widely released as part of the 2009 edition of Graffiti Fonts 4.0 (Codename: BURN) and was only the third wildstyle typeface ever published. Today, the family continues to undergo ongoing development & expansion.

Burner is copyright © 2007 Matthew (Raseone) Napolitano. All rights reserved.

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