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Descent Font
fonts included: 4 | Author: RaseOne FTA
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Updated: 01/04/2021 | Price: $ 129.99
Descent Graffiti Alphabet

Descent Graffiti Font Family

The Descent family is a unique, graffiti style, layered type system consisting of a contextual style & a classic style, each with a base fill version & an outline version. Based on a signature category of wildstyles by Graffiti FontsĀ® lead designer Raseone, this family was designed to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise so that the text reads in a downward direction. OpenType scripting in the contextual version enables up to 12 unique variants of any word using alternating patterns of interlocking glyphs. The classic version does not include OpenType features but instead has initial glyphs as capitals and medial glyphs in the lowercase positions. The characters in the classic version are similar to the more advanced contextual version but noticeably different & a bit more irregular. Glyphs from both styles can be mixed & used interchangeably & both styles can be stacked with their corresponding outline fonts.

Descent is copyright © 2014 Full Time Artists. All rights reserved.

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